Immigration Appeal Attorney
in San Antonio, Texas

We represent clients who have knowingly or unknowingly violated immigration laws and take action to help them stay in the country and secure legal residency.

Additionally, in cases where there is a change in circumstances or new evidence, or procedural or other mistakes were made during a removal and deportation hearing, we represent clients who wish to appeal those decisions.

We understand that every immigration case is different, and we will take the time to understand how your unique process occurred. Once we have evaluated your case, we can look for specific ways to appeal immigration rulings.

Schedule a Consultation with the Cumbas Law Group Today!

If you believe you qualify for an appeal or are unsure of your rights to appeal, it is essential to reach out and schedule a consultation as soon as possible. One thing to keep in mind about these types of cases is that they are very time-sensitive, and we encourage you to contact us immediately by calling (210) 739-6070.

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