Removal Proceedings

Removal Proceedings

Facing the possibility of removal or deportation can be an extremely stressful situation for any individual. It is crucial to know that one can take legal action to eliminate these proceedings.

If you would like to take legal action in response to removal proceedings, it is absolutely essential that you contact the experienced deportation attorneys from the Cumbas Law Group.

Deportation and removal proceedings are heard in an immigration court. As soon as you learn that you may be removed or deported, you should immediately speak with an immigration defense attorney.

A person ineligible for cancellation of removal if he or she was previously granted cancellation of removal, 212(c) relief, or the individual is deportable or inadmissible for security reasons, determined to have persecuted others, or was a person admitted on a J visa.

In a non-LPR (legal permanent resident) cancellation of removal case, if the person is convicted of certain offenses, they are not eligible for cancellation. However, LPR cancellation would only be sought if the person were placed in proceedings on account of the conviction.

Here at the Cumbas Law Group, we understand how troubling it can be to face removal proceedings. We have experience helping those who are in the country to be with their families.

Our goal is to ensure you are treated fairly and with respect and that you obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

If you are seeking a Cancellation of Removal or you need assistance with any other immigration issue, contact us at (210) 739-6070.

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