Immigration Bond Attorney

In the past, only immigrants with serious criminal records were jailed pending the outcome of their case, but today even those with no criminal history are detained even for nonviolent offenses or for entering and remaining in the United States illegally.

The attorneys at the Cumbas Law Group are experienced in immigration bond hearings.

There are two different kinds of immigration bonds, delivery and voluntary.

A delivery bond allows a detainee temporary release, giving them the opportunity to seek legal representation and counsel outside of their detainment. The bond serves as insurance that the detainee will return for their court hearing because, when they do, their bond will be refunded.

A voluntary bond allows an individual to voluntarily leave the United States within a certain time period, forfeiting their legal immigration to the United States.

Although everyone is entitled to a bond hearing to determine if he or she is or is not subject to continued detention in jail, there is no guarantee that the immigration judge will agree to release the person on bond.

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